Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Email Signatures

“Why?” you ask?

Many (read most) of the people I receive emails from don’t use an email signature feature. Why do you need it?

1. Its quickly provides your contact info – incase someone actually needs to call you

2. It can provide your address – incase someone needs to actually see you in person or send something in the mail.

3. It can even include your fax number – if – just incase – someone actually needs to fax you something.

The Basics.

Believe it or not – even though email is the preferred means of communication these days (even for yours truly) every once in a while I do call, visit, fax and mail! And that is when I have to dig through my antiquated Rolodex (yes – I do have one – and I am planning on keeping it for this very reason).

So why not have an email signature at the end of every message you send? Only if you want to remind people of important information – even a link to your website maybe? Who doesn’t need more web traffic?

Be sure to include:

1. Main Phone Number (include the extension number - if you have one)

2. Cell phone (if you don’t mind people calling you on that line)

3. Address

4. Fax Number

5. Website (and link to it)

The Not-So-Basics.

I went a few steps further – not only do I have “The Basics” - I included my tagline (very proud of it – and it tells people what I do), a link to my Google Calendar (makes it easier for people to see my availability for meetings). And – wait for it – even a link to receive online payments. Now my clients have no excuse to pay their bills on time.

“Why Not?” I say.

Depending on the software program you use for your emails – you can get creative. Change colors, fonts, size, etc. Being a Graphic Designer, of course, I had to design my signature so it follows my brand identity. There. I said it. It’s a part of my brand. Why not? It’s free. It looks professional. And, gosh darn it, people like it!

Even if you don’t own a business or work for a company, why not add your phone number? Admittedly, I do like the phone ringing once in a while.

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