Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I received a call from a client today asking whether we could rearrange a logo so that it would fit into a small space. 

My immediate thought was "No!". Nike would never do that, right? Infact, you don't suppose anyone would even dare to ask Mr. Nike's designer to do such a horrible thing. But, the client said - we have a small space on the facade of the building. The logo will work as it is - but will get very small. So lets rearrange it so that the icon goes behind the words. 

Oh dear. Every thing I have ever seen or learnt in the last 12 - or 13 years - says "no". So I figured I would reach out to my friends and see what the masses think. Feel free to take the poll, send your comments or let me be tormented by this by myself. Either way - the client will do what he pleases, I am sure. :)

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