Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama win - a Miracle in Marketing!

By now you must have seen or heard the news and have come to realize that our next President will be Barack Obama.

No matter what your political views may be - you have to agree - this was a huge marketing challenge for Obama. 

Lets pretend for a moment that "Obama" was a business (ok - stretch your imagination for a few minutes people - ah! I heard something pop!)... 

Whether you think of him as a product or a service, consider all the obstacles in the path to success:
1. Unusual name 
2. Different "packaging"
3. New to the market (compared to his competition)

Yet, he was able to win the trust of the American people. 
Effective marketing has so many elements and he really nailed every one of them:

1. A consistent message
2. Strong branding (logo, website, collateral materials)
3. Attractive - likeable personality
4. A formidable support team
5. Talked about the benefits - not features

All these elements play a role in marketing. So, whether you are running a business - or running for president... think about marketing more effectively!

No wonder he won :) 

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