Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Green Christmas and Eco-friendly Type

Well, I think we are all really questioning everything this year.
If not the economy, then the environment. And if not that then its politics. 
And terrorism.

I was shocked to hear that one of my clients took her grandchild to see Santa at FAO Schwartz in NYC - only to find that "santa" was in a green suit and when the child sat on his lap - he asked "What have you done for the environment this year". Forget the 4 year old - I was horrified. I can deal with the e-cards - but this is going a bit too far don't you think?

Don't get me wrong - I believe in "green". I have had my cloth grocery bags for over 5 years - long before they became a fashion statement. My office building doesn't recycle so I lug the recycleables from the office home every 2 weeks so the truck can pick them up. We even use both sides of the many reams of paper we print on.

Then this morning I found this piece of news: 

I think this is really going too far, don't you think? To reduce emissions is fine. The e-cards make complete sense to me. We are doing it ourselves this year here at Two by Two Design.  But to mess with a type face is just plain shocking. Almost as bad as the Green Santa. Some things should just be left alone. Or should they? Hmmmm... I guess if it does save ink - its good. But what if it looks aweful? 

Bad design - That is another form of pollution in my world. So, lets stick with some traditions this holiday, ok? 

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